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Tips On Improving Fuel Efficiency

If you want to spend less on commuting costs in Grand Prairie, why not learn a few ways to improve your fuel efficiency? Basic maintenance and good driving habits can help you save a surprising amount on your annual gas bill. Learn the top tips on improving your fuel efficiency from the technicians at Southview Acura, and visit our service department for more inforation.

How To Improve Gas Kilometrage: Good Driving Habits

One of the best ways to improve gas efficiency is to work on your driving habits. These small adjustments can make a big difference in your overall fuel efficiency, so try a few of these techniques on your next Fort McMurray commute.

How To Improve Gas Efficiency Through Driving Habits

  • Drive at moderate and consistent speeds. Excessive speeding can force your engine to work harder.
  • Accelerate gradually. Your powertrain needs to use extra fuel when it accelerates rapidly.
  • Lighten up. Get rid of unnecessary weight or cargo to reduce your car’s weight and drag on the Sherwood Park roads.
  • Avoid idling. Idling the car burns through gas much faster than driving, so limit your idling if possible.

How To Improve Gas Kilometrage: Routine Maintenance

Another key method to improve your fuel economy is to maintain your car properly. Following the manufacturer-recommended car maintenance schedule ensures that your vehicle gets the attention that it needs, so it runs like a dream for the long run. This can improve your performance, your safety, and of course, your efficiency. Here are some ways to improve gas efficiency through proper maintenance:

How To Increase Fuel Efficiency With Regular Maintenance

  • Tire Care: Keep your tires inflated properly and make sure the wheels are aligned
  • Spark Plugs: Change spark plugs according to your manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Filters: Change the air filter regularly.
  • Oil Changes: Regular oil changes keep your entire powertrain healthy.
  • Service: Keep your car in good shape and replace broken oxygen sensors, thermostats, and spoilers to boost efficiency.
  • Brakes: Make sure that your brakes are in good working condition and get them checked for drag during your inspection.

Get Expert Car Care at Southview Acura

We’ve covered the basic tips on improving fuel efficiency, but if you still have questions, visit us at Southview Acura to learn more. You can also schedule your service appointment online if you’re ready for scheduled maintenance, or contact us for more advice.