2020 Acura ILX vs 2020 Audi A4

A small yet powerful sedan is a great introduction into the luxury vehicle market. With enough room for five passengers and adequate trunk space, a luxury sedan is great for a family, but it is also perfect for making your mark in the business world. Two introductory-level luxury sedans that can offer what you need […]

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2020 Acura MDX vs 2020 BMW X5

There are a lot of SUVs out on the market today, and they all seem to look the same as they drive down the street. If you want to make a statement and stand out from the crowd, while still driving around in comfortable style fit for the whole family, a luxury SUV is the […]

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What is The Acura Concierge Experience?

There are many things that define a vehicle's luxury. Sometimes, it is the quality of the interior materials. Sometimes, it is the exterior's sleek styling. Many times, it is the combination of the two. Acura takes luxury to the next level with the Acura Concierge Experience. When you purchase a new (or certified pre-owned) Acura […]

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2020 Acura TLX VS. 2020 Lexus ES

If you're looking into a luxury model sedan to sport around Edmonton, there are definitely quite a few options available. When it comes to refined style, superior handling, and optimal performance, Acura is high on the list. Let's compare their 2020 TLX model with the similar 2020 Lexus ES. Both are similar in engine and […]

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2020 Acura ILX VS. 2020 Lexus IS

Upgrading to a luxury sedan may seem intimidating, but there are many options that make the transition an easy one. Take the 2020 Acura ILX sedan for example. This entry-level luxury model delivers all you could want in a higher-end vehicle at an approachable price. Let's compare it to a similar model in the Lexus […]

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