What’s the Real Meaning of the Acura Logo?

October 30th, 2019 by

When Honda launched its luxury subdivision, Acura, back in 1986, they needed to find a way to give the brand its own identity while still trading on the reputation of its parent company.

One of the ways they did this was through the design of the distinctive Acura logo, which has both a straightforward meaning as well as aspects that are a little deeper and more abstract. What are the ideas which lie behind the meaning of the Acura logo?

First Impressions

The immediate appearance of the logo is of a stylishly slanted ‘A’ character to stand for Acura. However, it can also be seen as a highly stylized ‘H’ character that refers to Honda, hinting at the brand’s heritage.

In overall appearance, it’s similar enough to the Honda logo for the parent company’s fame to rub off on it a little, while still being different enough to stand apart as its own design.

The Deeper Meaning

However, the official explanation behind the logo’s meaning takes things a little deeper. To understand the logo, it’s important to first explain the meaning of the Acura name.

Acura is an invented word, made up of the prefix ‘acu’ meaning sharp or precise, combined with a meaningless ending that nonetheless creates a word that rolls easily off the tongue.

This concept of accuracy and precision is at the heart of the Acura brand – in fact, in the early days of the company, their slogan was “Precision crafted performance”. When it came to designing a logo, the marketers hit on a crafty way of representing these qualities.

Enter the Technical Calipers

Calipers are a piece of technical equipment used for measuring objects with a high level of accuracy. Because of this, the people behind the Acura logo decided calipers could represent Honda’s ambitions for the Acura brand – namely precision, accuracy, highly technical engineering and close attention to the details which create luxury.

The fact that an upright pair of calipers can be positioned to look like a stylish ‘A’ for Acura character is a happy bonus which the logo designers took full advantage of.

The rest of the logo is basically just decoration, building around the calipers’ concept to create a modern, attractive image that stays recognizably close to the Honda original.

However, there’s one more important detail. Although the logo looks extremely western in design, it contains one nod toward its Japanese origin. In traditional Japanese culture, white is the colour of purity, simplicity, integrity, and perfection. And although the Acura logo is most often seen in a metallic format, in its original appearances white was used to reflect the concept of immaculate design and engineering perfection.

It’s true that not many people will buy a particular car based on the design of its logo. However, the story behind Acura’s logo can tell you a lot about the ideas Honda want the brand to represent, and the kind of car they aim to produce.

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