What is The Acura Concierge Experience?

March 3rd, 2020 by

What Does the Acura Concierge Experience Offer

Growing out of an older Acura initiative called Acura Total Luxury Care, the Acura Concierge Experience provides a higher level of personal engagement between Acura and you, the customer. This customer service-oriented program is designed to meet your individual needs both inside the dealership and outside in the real world.

The Acura Concierge Experience dates back to 2012 when Acura began working with its dealerships to launch the initiative. It is not focused on complementary services but instead of the caliber of service that you receive. Acura concierges focus on you–the customer–and your satisfaction and needs. Acura is incredibly devoted to caring for its customers–dealerships are required to participate in training that provides the foundation to the concierge experience.

Experience the Luxury

The Acura Concierge Experience begins whenever you visit an Acura dealership. If your car is there for service, such as the Maintenance Minder B service, you will do a personal 360-degree walk-around with a service advisor to discuss any concerns you might have. While your vehicle’s service is being completed with only Acura-certified parts, you can enjoy free complimentary beverages and Wi-Fi within the Acura Client Center. If you need to attend to important business while your vehicle is being serviced, you can take advantage of Acura’s courtesy car or shuttle service to get where you need to go. At the end of the service, your vehicle will get a complimentary car wash to keep it in tip-top condition. You can even schedule additional service appointments from the AcuraLink application.

More Personalization

In addition to the best personalized service while at the Acura dealership, you can also enjoy concierge services the moment you need them. By contacting an Acura Concierge, you get personalized, on-call service similar to what a concierge would provide in a hotel setting. These services include submitting insurance claims, receiving a referral for an auto-glass replacement service, and more. But the concierge service is not limited to vehicle-related items, your concierge can handle personal requests as well, such as relaying urgent messages, shipping personal items, getting detailed 24-hour weather information, and more. Your Acura concierge can make hotel, restaurant, or airline reservations while on the move. In addition, once these reservations are made, confirmation and navigation information are sent directly to your vehicle.

The Acura Concierge Experience is exactly what it says–an experience. It isn’t just a button you can push for assistance while driving; it is the excellent customer service treatment you receive throughout your entire ownership of an Acura vehicle. Acura not only offers luxury vehicles with comfort and convenience; they offer an entire buying and ownership experience filled with comfort and convenience.