How to Reset Tire Pressure Light

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If you’ve just recently inflated your tires, it can be frustrating to see a flashing tire pressure light. In this guide from the Southview Acura service centre, we’ll cover the reasons that your car’s dash still has the TPMS light on, and how to reset tire pressure light after inflating your tires. The process should take just a few minutes, and it’s easy to do at home in Grand Prairie — but don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!

What Does TPMS Mean?

TPMS stands for Tire Pressure Monitoring System. Using various sensors, this system monitors your tire pressure. If you notice the TPMS light on, it most likely means that your tire pressure is below a safe threshold. It may also turn on if the system detects poor traction, hampered fuel economy, or a blowout. If you notice a flashing tire pressure light, be sure to swing by a Fort McMurray-area gas station or Acura service centre near you, where expert technicians can help you fill your tires to the proper level.

How to Turn Off a Flashing Tire Pressure Light

The flashing tire pressure light should cease after you refill your tires, but occasional glitches in the tire pressure monitoring system can keep the TPMS light on even after a refill. You can either schedule service at a Acura service centre, or learn how to reset tire pressure light yourself if you’re comfortable with basic DIY auto maintenance! Follow these steps to reset a rogue flashing tire pressure light:

  • Drive at or above 80 km/h for 10 minutes. Just this step alone may trigger the sensor to reset the next time you start the car.
  • If step one doesn’t work, park your car and shut off the ignition. Turn the key to “On” (one position to the right), but don’t start the car. Now hold down the “TPMS Reset” button until the flashing tire pressure light blinks three times. Start the engine and wait 20 minutes. Check your owner’s manual if you have trouble finding the reset button. You’ll usually find it beneath the steering wheel.
  • Still no luck Try inflating all four tires to 3 PSI over their recommended amount, and then deflate them fully. Finally, inflate them again to the recommended pressure.
  • If the little trooper is still flashing, try this last strategy: cut the engine, use a wrench to disconnect the positive battery cable, start the car again, and then lay on the horn for about three seconds. Doing so should discharge any remaining power stored in the system. After that, you’ll want to reconnect the battery, start the car, and see if the TPMS light is on or off.

Proudly Serving Edmonton With Expert Acura Service

Even if none of your efforts pan out, learning how to reset tire pressure light is still a useful DIY car-care skill to have! If you’d rather have a professional take a look, contact us or stop by our service centre, conveniently located near Sherwood Park. Plus, you can save on certified Acura service with exclusive service specials at Southview Acura! While you’re here, be sure to check out our overview of how often to change synthetic oil.

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