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Why Buy Used Acura from our Acura Dealership in Edmonton?

Why Buy used cars in Edmonton

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Southview Acura's Value Price Promise.

Southview Acura provides used vehicles, fully prepared, detailed and safety tested and priced using 'Google search' style technology to ensure that we compete with every similar car available in the market RIGHT NOW and provide our clients with the best value right away.


Acura is well-known for its great performance and unmatched durability in the market for decades. Whether you choose to buy a new Acura or a used one, you are guaranteed a reliable product that will last much longer than most competitors in the market.


We understand that it is natural to be more skeptical while buying a used vehicle. Most people we have come across have had one or more bad experiences with used cars in their past. Often, it is either incomplete information or an unreliable vehicle that is the culprit. Luckily for us, we only have to focus on avoiding one of those two factors, since reliability is never a point of concern for Acura. Our team of automotive experts never holds back any important piece of information about the vehicles, even if it hurts their chances of completing the sale. We believe in complete transparency and building a long term relationship with our customers!

True Market Pricing

Looking for the best deal on a used car is hard work. It's easy to be confused by the array of different prices for similar models and be pulled in by what looks like a great deal but actually may not be.


Southview Acura solves that problem.

At Southview Acura, our used car department gives the simple facts you need to make the right decision.


All of our used car prices are checked several times a day against all the similar models on the market RIGHT NOW. Using Google-style technology we know the prices on all cars in the market, even ones that have recently been sold. If it's online for sale, we know about it! If the price changed recently, we know about it!


This means we can identify the best value position in the market and we provide that value price for your next car to you right upfront. We'll even show you how a market pricing report on the car of your choice. In fact, we are so competitive that often our used cars sell within just a few days!

What this means for you

Our market reports give you total transparency and the confidence to make the right decision. Don't forget, as well as all this, our cars are fully mechanically prepared, serviced, detailed, certified and ready to go. It's easy to buy a used car at Southview Acura with complete peace of mind.


That's the Southview Acura's True Market Pricing Policy.