Working for BDO is great! Great pay, tons of opportunity, and excellent benefits, but you probably don't even know about the best one...

The BDO Employee Purchase Program is exclusive to Acura at Southview Acura, and provides you with a ton of advantages while buying a new or used car, truck, or SUV!

Benefits Of The BDO Employee Purchase Program
  • BDO Employee Pricing
  • Free Pre-Approvals
  • Premium Selection of Inventory
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Higher Trade Values
  • Customize Your Ride
  • Free Credit Rebuilding Consultations
  • And So Much More!

Ask how you can pass on HUGE savings to up to 5 of your friends or family members per year!

What Do I Need To Qualify?
- Proof of Employment (Or a friend/family member's employment)
- Only 1 Month On The Job

Whether you plan to purchase a vehicle this weekend, or a few months down the road, check to make sure you qualify by filling out the quick form to the right.

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