Out of Town Clients


What if you find your perfect car and it happens to be on the other side of Alberta? Sounds like a big problem, right? If you don't have the time or interest in a long drive we offer free delivery for anywhere in Alberta for new and used cars.

With our incredible inventory of new and used cars and our competitive pricing, Southview Acura has consistently been people's favorite car dealer in Edmonton. On top of it, we have sold vehicles to clients across Alberta thanks to our province-wide shipping solutions.

In the end, the perfect vehicle is never out of reach. It might be worth it if you have your heart set on a very specific list of features and options.

At Southview Acura, we’re a next-generation team of vehicle enthusiasts with a passion for anything with a car engine. Alongside this passion for cars, our team is also highly educated in every step of the sales process from start to finish ensuring our clients receive only the highest level of care and attention.

We take a special approach to the car buying experience and strongly believe in building lasting relationships for years to come. We provide a casual yet professional purchase atmosphere with attention to detail being our priority.

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At Southview Acura, we have a large inventory of new and used vehicles. Stop by Southview Acura and you can take one for a test drive today.