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Military Rebate Program

Southview Acura and Acura Canada would like to offer support and gratitude
to the members of the Canadian Military. If you or a member of your
household are a current, active or retired member of Canadian Military
Personnel, you are eligible to receive a $1,000.00 rebate with purchase of
a NEW Acura vehicle.
How it works:
Applicants must be current, active or retired members of the Army/Navy/Air
Force, a DND employee, or be a member of the CF Appreciation Program.
Applicants must provide proof of identification with at least one of the
following cards:
-CF One (code: CF,V,D)
-NDI 10 - Temporary ID card
-NDI 20 - Permanent ID card
- NDI 75 - Record of Service card
This offer is transferable to any member within the same household address,
and is applicable to new and previously unregistered vehicles, including
demos! Eligible participants may purchase or lease one vehicle per calendar
year under this program.