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Best Acura Features for Winter Driving

It's easy to become flustered driving in an Albertan blizzard - roads can be slushy, icy and unpredictable. Your dark morning commute can turn into an all-day journey due to heavy snowfall and below-zero temperatures. This winter, Acura Vehicles have your back.

acura watch infographic

    1. SH-AWD - First introduced in 2005 on an Acura RL, Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive is a torque-vectoring system that uses hydraulic control and power distribution. It can continuously redirect engine power between each wheel as opposed to a standard AWD system, which redirects power in sets. To put it simply - SH-AWD can deliver power to each wheel, ensuring perfect balance and control.
      In the snow, SH-AWD allows for a smooth and slow power transition, which allows your vehicle to maintain its footing and avoid spinning. This system can intuitively sense uphill motion and automatically shift torque to the rear wheels to improve traction. SH-AWD is available on TLX, RDX, and MDX models.


    1. Remote Start - Remote starters are a Canadian driver's best friend. Not only will warming your car up in the winter provide a cozy cabin, but it will make sure fluids in your vehicle's engine warm-up and thin out. In cold weather, oil and transmission fluid are more viscous; driving while the engine is too cold will cause the thicker fluids to be forced through the internal seals in your engine causing lasting damage. Letting your engine heat up (even for a minute) will let fluids thin out, keeping your vehicle nice and healthy.


    1. AcuraWatch™ - AcuraWatch™ is a suite of safety features offered in multiple Acura models. Using various high-tech cameras and radar sensors, AcuraWatch™ intuitively prevents accidents before they occur. While this suite is useful year-round, it's especially helpful on snowy and icy roads. It features:


    1. Collision Mitigation Braking - This available system can brake the vehicle for you when a risk of collision with a vehicle or a pedestrian is detected.


    1. Adaptive Cruise Control - This available radar-based system has the ability to keep a set speed and interval from a car detected directly in front of you - including low speed follow


    1. Road Departure Mitigation - This available system recognizes lane features and identifies lanes. It uses both steering and braking force to help the vehicle stay on the road.


    1. Lane Keeping Assist System - this available system gently can correct your steering when you begin to leave a detected lane.


    1. Blind Spot Information System -This available system checks blind spots and indicates if a vehicle has been detected


    1. Rear Cross Traffic Alert - While in reverse this system provides warnings when cross traffic is detected


  1. Multi-View Rear Camera - Three views and dynamic guidelines help you see where you're going. Bring your car into Southview Acura and have our professional detailers take care of it for you!