2017 NSX - The Icon Returns

The Next Generation NSX defies conventional ideas about supercars, just as the original NSX did twenty-five years earlier. With an all-new sports hybrid power unit delivering more than 550 total horsepower and impulse-quick handling response, the NSX heralds a new era of human-centered automotive performance.

Interwoven Design - NSX Exterior

Interwoven Design

Form and function have fused in an interwoven exterior design where every detail enhances performance. From modern lines to classic proportions, the NSX is as powerful as it is alluring.

Functional Beauty - NSX Interior

Functional Beauty

The NSX interior's lush colours, deluxe material and sleek lines combine beauty with purpose in an environment crafted entirely to support it's driver.

Cool Aerodynamics - NSX on the road

Cool Aerodynamics

This car breathes. As it inhales and exhales, air flows over and through the NSX with a revolutionary system that creates downforce without disrupting design.

Multi-Material Body - NSX Performance and Design

Multi-Material Body

Aluminum, carbon fiber and height-strength steel are meticulously tailored with superior rigidity in space frame design to let you savour every aspect of the exceptionally dynamic drive.

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Note: Due to the performance nature of this vehicle, test drives may be limited.

2017 Acura NSX arrives at Southview Acura in Edmonton
2017 Acura NSX at Southview Acura in Edmonton
Aggressive front fascia on the 2017 Acura NSX
2017 Acura NSX - when you need to stop these brakes are what you need
side profile of the 2017 Acura NSX at Southview Acura
 The view most other drivers will see
Rear 3/4 profile of the 2017 Acura NSX
2017 Acura NSX in front 3/4 profile
2017 Acura NSX taken head on
2017 Acura NSX engine compartment
2017 Acura NSX numbered #00179 at Southview Acura in Edmonton
2017 Acura NSX front and center in lineup at Southview Acura
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